Sunday, March 28, 2010

Many Meals Made

So excited to have supper now that I made a bunch ahead
For years my BFF ( i have been told I am to old to use BFF) oh well not listening. I am looking forward to easier meal times now because the food is either fully cooked and just needs to be reheated or it is prepared to be thrown in a pot or roasting pan. I also made a couple from the book i am currently reading ( cruise ship or Nursing home) its about a healthy life style. I have lost 21Lbs since i started and i haven't actually given up much, just cut down on the bad stuff sugar, carbs and well i have not given up my Iced Caps ( its my coffee ) but i have started exercising the surging is my most often form of exercise and being adjusted regularly.
I made Zuchinni Casserole with a meatloaf bottom and Ricotta cheese and egg.
Also for the first time ever i made Faux-tatoes. Thats cauliflower boiled and mashed. Hopefully sometime in the future this group will be buying all necessary.
Chili was the last thing i completed. I am planning to bless a friend who is having a baby so i am giving them a meal, there will be more of this and anyone is welcome to join us, forget those places that charge an arm and a leg for a ziploc of food and is single serving size.

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