Saturday, April 3, 2010

Awesome Fellowship with my Siblings

Good Friday was truely an awesome time with my Bro and his Girlfriend and as well my Sista cooked up some good food. There was Macaroni pie (bro's favorite) and a roast and a ham and stuffing and mashed potatoes, which i only ate a tiny portion of mac pie and stuffing cause i am doing the maximized living plan. Hubby was excited the most for the cheese cake it was his fav the whipped no bake with cherry pie filling on top. After eating we had a hunt littlest to oldest they were staggered in by seconds but really it wasn't necessary cause the kids were able to find all the bags of chocolate that were hidden in my sis' yard. It was so adorable to see them running and the excitement on there faces. I had brought cutie pie and pooky They are great kids and best buds with my kids, we have five each and close in age so its cool to hang out and go places we understand eachother well. So then we walked to cutie pie and gap girl's house through the lake and a path not far at all I even enjoyed the fresh air. It got the sugar high down too. What a blessing having siblings in town even if we're not all perfect... We are having a fun filled weekend