Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday 13 ~ All day School for Jk - Sk

  1. My son is so excited about going to school with his big bro

  2. My son is very energetic ( not like his mom lol sarcasim )

  3. My son will enjoy making friends ( he loves all of his Sunday School friends)

  4. My 1st son is so confused when its not his day to go to school

  5. My daycare costs will go way down

  6. I am able to back to school

  7. I will have time to study alone

  8. I will have me time

  9. I will get to go to ladies breakfast with no kids

  10. I will be able to have a nap without a child climbing all over me

  11. I will clean when they are all in school

  12. I will do the laundry

  13. and even give things away (since hubby works days and is attached to everything we own ) I pray regularly that he changes and doesn't bring stray BBQ's and other peoples garbage home, because when is it really going to be useful. I am yet to find out. As well he is addicted to clothing and shoes because he works in a used clothing store with nice stuff although alot....