Saturday, October 30, 2010

Birthday Surprise

I came home from bible study tonite and at first I thought kids/teens had decorated my house for Oct 30th you know the bad activities that teens go out and do on the night before Halloween.
Ya devils night. not that i want to give the devil any credit here!!!

I am extatic that people went to all the trouble to make me happy on my birthday...
The banner says happy birthday and was taped to my door and the chair. the tree has a streamer going through it which I thought at first was toilet paper from a distance.

Tommorrow at church I am sure the secret will be revealed.


  1. We called it Mat Night in Quebec because some kids (not me of course!) would run around the neighbourhood tossing door mats on the roof of your house and soaping your windows.

  2. My mom has told me that and one time in the apartment we did it for fun!!!
    We just switched the mats within the apartment, it was hillarious