Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Help for my Daughter

I believe partially that my Daughter Arrianna has recently been acting out at home and now in public as well is due to the seperation of Sean and I. There are definite signs that she is dealing with anxiety. I am so thankful that I was able to call for help and help was there to talk to and Ruth my best friends was able to come quick to my rescue when I couldn't breathe and was afraid of my child and didn't know what else to try and reason with her. I had experienced and anxiety attack for the first time. I have heard of people hyperventilating while having an anxiety attack too. I am so thankful that I will have practical tools for handling these moments. Which are simular to my work but when you are the one in the situation and not looking in its different. I am able to follow a protocol from work that was devised by a BT ( behaviour Therapist). I have hummed and hawed over the years about calling KIDSLINK finally I was to the point that I am ready to get help for myself and child. They talked to me and put me through to a mobile crisis worker immediately and then we met with a worker. Now a worker comes to our home to meet with us and has helped with setting up a plan for anxiousness and for anger. We are now in the process of getting counseling at a local office. I am praying of course too that the anxiety is not hereditary and we are not settling for it either.
We believe that prayer can change any situation.


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