Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field Trip Today

My first field trip for the year is a cool one, I am excited to be going with Ke's gr.1 class to the Centre in the Square. My daughter A (8 in gr 3) is also going with her class. It is part of music, we are hearing the symphony.

The teacher interviews went well and I am pleased with all my children's progress thus far. A is on the list for recommending review and the teacher will get extra help for her as well. She has a volunteer EA to help her complete work and have extra explanations. The teacher also said she would supply the cue cards that have helped A pass 3 spelling tests now. She did agree that a pediatrician appt. is warranted. I am looking forward not backward at the should've could'ves anymore and just focusing on whats next...

Jewy and Ke are both needing to strengthen their muscle between their thumb and pointer finger, so Art therapy is what we are doing now. I spoke to my creative mommy and got some pointers to help them with.. She wants to buy them a easel she sounded so happy to give art advice. I knew she would solve that for me easily. And jewy gets to practice cutting paper as well.

so I will be busy with Art Therapy, counseling and appts for a bit but this to shall pass!!!