Sunday, November 21, 2010


tonight was so fun working the fundraiser at my church, I am pumped up with energy and not asleep although I work at 7am, because I had a blast. My best friend and I went to the S.T.O.P. restaurant and supply store recently and we made a picture wish list for our church. We had faith so she will of course be in the pictures too. I am always documenting things I do with faith by picture.
Comercial Blender

slushie machine would enhance hand and eye co-ordination

Faith couldn't figure out the huge Chef standing at the door way !!!

The appliances and gadgets that are sold at S.T.O.P. are so cool This is our wish in our kitchen, where we will teach life skills and make meals at community kitchen, and have the kids learn to measure and cook. Ruth and I have been enjoying pre planning for the future endevours.


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