Friday, November 5, 2010

Parent Teacher Interview Day

Today I have 3 munchkins teachers to meet, from their report cards I can basically figure what they are going to say...
Jewy JK all day everyday (halleluia) is a leader she has mentioned in passing, he is writning his name and started JK with spelling his name. He shocked me on the first day when he told the ECE and Teacher he could spell his name and then did.

KE Gr 1 - the report had all E's on the front and progressing well for all except reading, in passing his teacher and supply teachers have come to me and said he is a well behaved pleasant child who is awesome to teach.

A Gr 3 - I struggle with her needs even though I work in special needs, they seem to change everyday and with her mood. Some days she is eager to learn and sometimes she screams at the top of her vocal cords that she doesn't understand her homework. I will try to explain it & then write a note to her teacher letting her know what has happened at home. We practice really hard for spelling tests, we make cue cards and study them in various strategies. I am prepared to tell the teacher that we are in counseling for all the stuff that has happened around her in the past and that the SW has recommended seeking advice from a pediatrician and we have the refferal appt. next week.

I have to deal with the guilt factor that I really wanted to look into her behaviours years ago and didn't. I wasn't their yet and confident to go against my husbands wishes really. I have always noticed things and since I have been tracking her behaviours like we do at work I have had a better awareness you could say of what is a trigger and what to do to stay calm as well. It like I go into work mode whenever she is escalating and its quick the triggers and reaction times are so fast that i really have to pay attention I am noticing and its hard when I am the only one here. I am ready to openly discuss with the teach the recent events with the mobile crisis team at Kidslink and not so we have an excuse but so that she is aware of why homework takes longer and is sometimes incomplete.
I am happy that she is following her new plan when angry and is writing down what is upseting her, she has her kit in her room that she uses when upset and sometimes when i am at work she writes on the sketch pad what bothered her while I was gone and then we talk about it and work through the issues.
I pray every morning for a day with progress and I pray every night thanks for the littlest progress because in Everything give Thanks Right

thanks for being with me in prayer during this time and for any insight you may have


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