Friday, December 3, 2010

Hanging Out

It is so much fun to just hang out no drama just friends. I never had this kind of friends in my teenage years and I know I'm who i am because of the life experience. That is a statement made to make people feel better I have decided.

So I am raising my kids to have friends like I do and not make my mistakes, cause my sister has been influenced by my wrong doings and it hasn't got her anywhere in life. My kids may know what I did as a life lesson but only if they ask me will I tell them.

As a teenager we were reckless and it was fun in the moment but I was outgoing and didn't care about much in life. I have no idea what we were thinking cause we weren't thinking lol...

Last night friends and I had supper at another friends house and we just chilled no one was being hit on and noone was drunk either (we had non alcoholic drinks) and we chatted and relaxed. No regrets...

Being a Christian and being single is so different from being a 20 year old with no morale, I love it!!!

gotta run kids awake and need me but there will be more another day on this matter thanks for reading