Monday, January 3, 2011

Amazed to know whats on my kids mindsg

Just the other day we were hanging out, thats me arrianna (8), Keshaun (6), Jerrell (4). Arrianna out of the blue randomly says "mom who is the pastor if Dave were to die? I was going to reply but was beaten by my 6 year old boy who jumps in with "Geof" and then my 4 yr old jumps in with "no it would be jakes mom". I nearly fell off the couch laughing at them, they went on and on with ideas of who should paster. I am never surprised what they will think of next...
Share some of your funniest stories in my comments section, I love it. Just like Bill Cosbys kids say the darndest things...


  1. Geof. Hahaha.
    When C was around 3/4, after church, I found her playing with Ken doll pretending it was Dave preaching.
    Here's another funny one.