Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I learned in counseling ...

My daughter and I have been attending counseling since the separation. We have been focusing on anger management and self esteem quite a bit. It has been wonderful to spend time with her and we have seen an improvement already. I was given the option of a male counselor during the intake on the phone. I am happy I did because he is great with Arrianna and great at making it fun. My work benefits and my ex's cover a Master of Social worker, a considerable amt too. Very thankful because he can help with understanding appointments we attend and he helped me organize my questions for the psychiatrist appointment.

So last night we were at our appointment and we were talking abt anger management this week, and I nearly fell on the floor laughing when Arrianna was asked what her anger looked like she replied with confidence "its my self esteem" confused looks on both our faces she continued to explain to us " you know when I am angry my steam comes out of my head so its my self steem" we smiled and tried not to laugh and she said "whats funny". I hope when she is older she laughs too when reading this blog. Our goal is to help her understand her anger and react appropiately, so this was a break through for me regardless of the fact that she hasn't put self esteem and how she feels about herself together for now she relates to self esteem as the green monster who tells her brain she is ugly and she doesn't have to believe him.

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