Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Biggest Loser at work and Church

I am excited to be making life changes, at work we started a group called it the biggest loser after the show.
I have been thinking about trying a program like nutrisystem or weight watchers one of the ones that has prepared foods. The cost is a factor in me trying them but also not cheating either. I tend to be disciplined only half of the time. I have been exercising alot at home and work. I love the biggest loser dvd and it really is a workout I sweat alot when i do it. I have lost 30lbs in a year and gone from a 24 pant to a 16 comfortably the plus size or stretchy ones are big and the regular store 16 is tighter but fitting. A goal i thought i would never reach.

My BFF and I are also running the Biggest loser at church starting March 3rd and will be doing prizes and challenges. So exciting.

I have never been happier with my self and feel confident in myself as well!!

Thanks be to the encouragers along the way!!!


  1. Cheryl, Keep up the good work... One step at a time and you'll reach your goal...

    Read this today:
    If you do what you've always done,
    You’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

    So, move forward and change will come..Keep us posted.

  2. You should be pretty happy with yourself...cause you're awesome! xo