Friday, April 15, 2011

Why I love JK all day everyday

My son Jewy aka Jerrell is in full day everyday kindergarten a new program this year.

I was originally concerned that it would be too much for him but excited at the same time for selfish reasons. I have the whole day now to myself. I love my children but enjoy them much more when they are gone for the whole day. Last night I was getting lunches made and I could hear Keshaun (7) talking with Jerrell (4 almost 5 at the end of may) about the words they know. Then Jerrell brought me his paper with all the words he had written and was so proud to show me. I was floored none of the other kids knew so much at his age. I blame it on all day kindergarten. And he is smart he retains info well. On the 1st day of jk he was able to recognize his name and spell it for the EA and teacher. I was floored again, he is my baby and he keeps doing this to me!!!!


  1. so cool! I am really hoping to be somewhere with all day kindergarten in the fall!!

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