Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Boys 1st Hospital Visit

my youngest is 5 but i still refer to him as my baby, he is a sweet heart and then head strong too! we have been going to the ymca lately and decided to take a bike ride their go for a swim and head home. thankfully a friend and coworker were with us... we decided it would be cool to go over a people bridge over the highway. jerrell did not thunk so he took off over the bridge not realizing that on the other side was 2 sharp turns, he turned left safely then there was a ramp and at the bottom of the ramp was another sharp turn, he tried so hard to brake and turn and i tried really hard to catch up to him timing was not my side for sure. i jumped off my bike and i could onlly see blood 1st aid training and mommy skills came on! my 7 yr old was screaming theres blood my brother is bleeding. i used the towel from swimming and compressed his face to stop the bleeding and sat down on the concrete. i grabbed a hold of keshaun and sat him down and said listen you need to relax and know that your brother is ok. he tried his best not to look and to calm down. i called his dads house and got his gf (who is good to deal with) told her in a very blunt voice please follow my instructions i need you to bring me a clean towel and some ice, she doesnt know the area so i had to explain wjere we were. in the mean time cynthia my friend and coworker noticed we were only a couple houses away from another coworkers house and they took my bike while we went of to the hospital.