Sunday, September 25, 2011

Celebrating Family

This year my grandma turned 75 !!! Me and my kids and my Aunt christine her oldest daughter had lunch at Crabby Joes and then a yummy chocolate cake made by Sobeys lol not me of course, when would I have time to make a cake. In my spare time I'm sure. It was nice to have a lunch together and my kids were remarkably behaved. I like spending time with my Grandma and Aunt. I have always strived to keep in touch with family, not always easy when we are not in the same city, I couldn't imagine them being overseas or even in another province. I feel for my friends who are so far away.

Also this fall we had a get together for the cousins at Chuckie Cheese that was cool. They ranged from almost 2 to 11, it was neat how they played together regardless of age variations. My brother and I live in kw so his son and my kids have been raised together and know eachother like siblings. My Aunt my moms younger sister has 2 boys age 7 & 5 and my boys are 7 & 5 too so that was cool. We drew names and brought a present and had an exchange which I found helped the kids interact. They had a blast using tokens and even taking photos at the photo booth. I like that at Chuckie Cheese the games and rides are all 1 token and they have reasonable packages too with a pizza and drinks and tokens, I was healthy and bought the all you can eat salad bar.

Family is important whether blood related or relationally related...


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