Friday, October 21, 2011

My Blissdom Experience

Thanks Chevrolet for the awesome shuttle service! They took us to an awesome kick off party hosted by CBC in their beautiful atrium.

photo by Cl Buchanan

Bffs as Thelma and Louise (if you didn't already know) with Jordan Knight, he surprised us at the Blissdom annual costume party.

I am so thankful that my BFF @momsmusings sat on her computer on ticket sales day, because I am too A.D.D. and would not of got my own ticket. I don't consider myself a blogger more a tweet-a-holic, so at first I was like why go to blissdom Canada? So glad I decided to go and mingle with other social media experts. I like blogging my stories mostly inspired by my life as a single mom of 3, my daughter always says to me are you going to blog that or put that picture on facebook.

Sessions were so interesting, my favourite one was called Whats in a Brand? I knew nothing about brands or being a brand. I enjoyed hearing how each panelist became a brand and how they choose what to represent. It is important to me to stay true to beliefs and liked hearing from the panelist that they wouldn't represent a company they didn't believe in.

On friday we attended the MabelBliss party, I was so impressed with the hair styles by Salon Liberte, they were so fast and awesome on the spot. My makeup was done too all thanks to @mabelhood.

Photo by CL Buchanan

It was cool to have sponsors exhibits to browse during breaks and talking with the reps was very informative, like now I can say I'm a good mom because Kellogg's nutritionist shared all the great nutrition cereal has to offer. In the Philips suite

I enjoyed having a manicure and then trying the very cool sonicare toothbrush! At the Healthy Choice suite I learned about stretching and theres a hillarious video that hopefully makes it to youtube hint hint shasherlife ! While enjoying a parafin wax and an eye treatment I sipped on my icey fruit drink I was served. Felt wonderful! In the Fisher Price suite I climbed in the adult size bouncy chair, how comfortable, I now know why babies love their bouncy chair!

We enjoyed awesome meals and great service, as well I met many people that follow me and I follow on twitter like my roomies @momsmusings, @soberjulie and @onlybluemomma. Friends I had a blast with @shasherslife @tarasview @nicnacmaniac and many more...

needless to say i will be attending next year and many more years to come!!!


  1. great post! I'm so bummed I didn't get my pic taken in the huge bouncy chair :(