Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Post

this year we had our family pics done prefessionally by a friend, she is awesome and we had so much fun. I used the kodak machine at walmart. Only cost me $9 for 30 photo cards. I am all about saving money and doing things affordable. This card definitely shows our personalities.

The kids are growing up so quickly... Arrianna is 9 and is in grade 4, she enjoys having a little responsiblilty like going to the store for me and walking with her brother home from school. She has joined coin club and in Sept. she applied to be a library helper and was accepted. She had to fill out an application and answer the question "why does she want to be a library volunteer?"

Keshaun is 7 turning 8 in January... He is in grade 2, his class is a 2/3 split which he is 1 of 4 grade twos in the grade 3 class. He gets to be challenged every day! He of course still loves hockey (plays in my kitchener all the time, if he can't play outside) he still loves any sport really and loves the computer. He is enjoying the Ipads at school and creates comic strips with the cool programs that I hardly know how to use.

Jerrell is 5... funny as ever!!! Making his classmates in Senior Kindergarten and us at home laugh all the time. I look forward to his stories about what they learnt every night. He takes pride in writing and showing us all the words he knows. He is very excited that he learnt a Christmas song in sign language. When he gets dressed in the morning he makes sure he matches because he doesn't want to be a fashion faux pa. I enjoy his sweet words every morning and he is our alarm clock everyday since he is up before everyone else.

And now an update about me... I'm 30 and very excited to be taking on a new adventure within my current job. I love to organize and do administrative work. Afterall I did go to school is what I was thinking when I applied for a admin position at work recently. I work in a group home supporting adults with special needs, I believe I am called to work in this field and I love it. A posting came up for an admin clerk and it fit with my current schedule so I applied, I started to have some anxiety before the interview. I hate interviewing but I went anyway and got the job.
The best part is, I can do the job during the day while the kids are in school and I don't need extra childcare. Being a single mom and all !!!

I've been so busy i haven't had as much time to blog, but Santa hinted I'd be getting a new laptop for christmas, so I should be able to get on more often.