Thursday, January 19, 2012

Court Day

today is court, family court that is...
I think no matter what court is stressful, I think to myself why am I stressing?
Its not like I am at fault or on trial for a criminal offense. Still I am up early and spent most of last night thinking about it. I am going for whats best for the kids. They are not old enough to decide and they deserve to have 2 parents so I am not trying to eliminate their dad from the picture either. Most of the time they are not happy with their dads choices and I have to be the bigger person and explain each choice with sensetivity. My mom set a great example in this area while we were growing up. I know now how hard it must have been to answer questions and to explain situations. She was grieving the loss of a typical family and raising us at the same time. I sit and think about how determined I was to break the curse of divorce in my family tree. Now I pray that my boys are going to be spiritual leaders in their household and that my daughters (includinng mish and sky my step daughters) don't settle for someone like their father but instead choose to be married to someone who is a spiritual leader. I am thankful for the role models they have in their lives through church school and relationship.


  1. tough day...I wish you the best.