Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Of course these are meant to be broken, usually broken by the end of the first week!
This is why I am going to pretend its not a new years resolution and call it lifestyle changes. We have talked about wanting to enter tri tris and now a 25 km bike ride. These are reachable goals if we were to find some discipline. I enjoy working out and have a YMCA membership, time is the issue and getting out is another part. Now that my youngest is close to 6 he can join the older kids in programs at the Y too!!! So really its time to make a change.
Life has thrown me some curve balls and I have stress as a single working mom. As I get in a routine and the kids grow more independant it is getting easier, I didn't ever think this would get easier. I have support which is how I get by for sure.
My best friend and I are not good at keeping eachother accountable we cheat together when we try to eat properly. We are lazy together when we are going to work out. I really want to lose weight and be healthy. I don't like my stomach and am going to Jamaica in the spring and I don't want to be insecre of how I look in my swim suit, I am not expecting to wear a bikini. That would be unrealistic!!! I joined a bet at work that I won't go to fast food for a month and theres $20 on the line so I am going to try my best to accomplish this small goal.
I wonder about meal replacements, if they are good for you? and if they work? I think I would still eat. what about pills for example pgx or herbal majic?
I am going to put my best foot forward and set small goals until I have completed a total lifestyle change.

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