Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tim Hortons Camp

I just said how thankful I am for the school that the kids attend, its a family oriented school and all the staff i have interacted with are awesome, and then today I got a call from the child and youth worker notifying me that Arrianna has been selected to attend one of the Tim Hortons camps. I have always wondered how the kids were chosen to go to the camps and have always seen pictures of the camps at Tim Hortons but never new the process. I support camp day by participating in fundraisers of course because I love timmies, I am so excited for her. She will have a blast too !!! I'm nervous at the same time sending my baby girl all the way to kentucky is what the lady from the school said.
Literally the convo went like this " so the camp is located in Cambelville
Kentucky" I responded are you sure like I need to get her a passport" She says "
yes I'm pretty sure" I said " not Campbellville Ontario" she said " thats what
it looks like here on the package" I was floored when she said " and I'm not
sure if they take a plane or drive on a bus"
What a blessing I was just down thinking about the cost of summer activities and the fact that I usually make just over the amt that qualifies for subsidy even though I am a single mom that works. I know that some people are on welfare not by their own choice but it still frustrates me that if I made half of what I do my kids would then have a welfare mentality and grow up thinking that things are free and you don't have to work hard. I know why there are limits and guidelines but think it should be if on a sliding scale like the childcare system where if you make this much you pay this much and if you are in school you have a full subsidy because you are working towards getting off the system. Well anyways enough of venting I am thankful I have a job and can support my family on my own. This is awesome and I am so happy she will have memories of camp just like I did and on the same note can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories of the fun she had and the mischievous things she tries to do like pranks and the camp songs she learns.


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