Saturday, May 26, 2012

I have a Daughter in double digits

Today I have a Daughter in double digits, wow is all I can think to say when I sit here and ponder about it... 10 years ago I was in the hospital and just becoming a mom! We had many girls in the house today they painted nails and they played outside, thank God for great weather too! Arrianna has come so far over the last few years, she was diagnosed with Adjustment Disorder & ADHD. Which she knows she has but doesn't use it as an excuse at all. She is learning about disabilities and how she can live with it but not let it stop her achieving goals. The biggest part of her adjustment disorder is her reacting and not using self control. Today at her party a friend dropped the nail polish it made a mess of course and she reacted with yelling the girls name out, the girl began to cry and Ariianna noticed and with encouragement (as I cleaned up the mess) she turned to the friend and began to cheer her up and apologized for reacting. If months past this would have escalated into Arrianna yelling and not taking responsibility for her actions and would have been about a 45 min. behaviour. Also at her party was a real tom boy who some of the other girls were pointing it out and Arrianna stuck up for her friend and told them not to judge her. I was impressed because Arrianna was a leader not a follower (in the past she has been very anxious over how people think of her). Last night she told me her friend dresses like a boy and likes to look like a boy and thats ok its her style choice. I'm glad my daughter is inclusive. It has always been important to Arrianna to fit in and now that we have been here for 2 years she has finnally been able to make lasting relationships with good friends at school.