Thursday, December 13, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone Its been a busy 2012 Arrianna is 10 in Grade 5 and doing awesome, she always put her best foot forward.

She had and awesome summer of traveling - Aunty Christine and Grandma were on the go with her taking her all over Hamilton and Grandma and Arrianna even ventured into downtown Toronto on the GO train. Thanks to them I had a relaxing week with Jerrell home only, Keshaun was at an overnight camp at the same time as Arrianna.  Keshaun is 8 just till January that is, and in grade 3 and he is still our #1 Sports fan, He and cousin Evan had a great time hanging out in Hamilton, and the award for Best Great Auntie goes to Christine for giving up a bunch of her vacation days to help me out with Summer vacay child care. While the older boys were having fun Jerrell and I went to The R.O.M. to see the Dinosaur Exhibit, we parked at Yorkdale Subway Station and rode the subway and street cars just for fun (Royal Ontario Museum for my non Ontario readers. We were able to go on our own because Arrianna was away for 10 days in Kentucky on a trip of a lifetime She was selected by her School to go to Tim Horton's Camp! She was picked up at our local Tim Horton's and driven to the Detroit Airport, She was nervous but made it thru!!! Jerrell 6 in grade 1 loves school and my fav part of his school is every week he likes to write on a blank piece of paper all the words he learnt that week. At parent teacher interviews I was impressed when the teacher reported how pleasant and wonderful it is to have Jerrell in her class and that I have nothing to be worried about when it comes to him and learning. Needless to say that night we went for Mcd's his fav for a McFlurry! Jerrell also has found a liking to gymnastics at the YMCA he bounces all the time and climbs my walls and uses the couch arms as beams he flips off of so hopefully getting it out at the Y will channel his energy lol I doubt it highly but one can wish. All the kids have been in swimming for a year or more and are progressing its a fun Friday at the Y for sure!!! Arrianna has learnt to break boards in Karate and its helping with her reaction to aggression as well!!!

 I've enjoyed many moments this year to highlight a few of my own: Blissdom was the best one yet. We signed up for excursions on the last day and I was in my glory driving GM 2013 and 2012 vehicles, My fav was the Camaro of course with my need for speed! We stayed at the Sheraton and had a blast. Another great time away was our friendaversy to Ruth's Aunts place in Quebec, I went to Ottawa and saw the Capitol for the first time. Can you believe I'm 30ish and never been there. It was so cool!!! Even the cats of Parliament Hill were neat. We kidnapped Shannon and took her to Bleuspa for a Scandinavian bath it was the most relaxing place I have ever been. The eucalyptus steam room was amazing. I celebrated 5 years with Christian horizons this year and I still love my job. I love supporting my behavioral guys and one gal, its definitely never dull or boring at my house that I work in. I love that my boss even pointed out at the ceremony luncheon that I am always fun and you know when I have arrived on shift. I do make the house have more energy just be entering the door. That's me tho and I love it. I have made some new friends and have re-united with a few old ones to and I am excited to see what the Lord has in store for me in 2013


  1. Great post. Love reading about the kids.