Thursday, July 18, 2013

34 Weeks Along

Yesterday I had my last ultrasound ....

We are happy to announce that .........................................................................................

Ava - Pleasant Sound
Renee - Reborn
Jasmine - Gift from God

is almost ready to join us in the world.

Boys wanted me to let everyone know they were right and Arrianna was wrong! Funny how their minds work. Arrianna is excited to have a sister even though she was hoping to be the only girl cousin and the only great grand daughter on my side and the only great niece and so on, you get the pattern I'm sure.
Keshaun wants me to note that he prayed for a girl as well.

I'm excited to finally get to start shopping for her. Bring on the cute outfits and pretty dresses.

Since I haven't had a girl in 11 years I will be having a shower.

Its definitely starting again, I haven't even done diapers in 7 years!

Got any tips to remind me of feel free to leave a comment, because really I feel like a 1st time mom again.

Its exciting having a baby with 3 older kids they are so involved, they love talking to the baby and feeling her kick.

I'm ready for her to arrive now the anticipation is killing me.


  1. CherylI am so excited for you have great kiss and you are going to be just fine.also you have lots of great family and friends.that would be kids not are loved.

  2. you are already a great mother to your children, and it may seem that you arent familiar with a baby any more... for now that is until she gets here it will all come back to you... things to look forward to first time sitting up crawling walking teething (that night not be sucha good thing ;) ) first words n nothing feels better once a little one can express the love for you that you have shown them for theyre first years.. also a cpl years or changing dirty diapers i know i wont miss that part, you have a big family that will help and support u whenever you need plus some pretty amazing kids that are looking forward to having their little sister come they will help you along the way as well, want to say congrats once again and good luck :)