Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I'm about to learn about Boundaries...

When to say yes and how to say no, to take control of my life....

I recently purchased 4 new books from Christian Books dot com

1st one to read is called Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend
I also purchased the Participants Guide with 9 interactive principles, hoping in bible study we can dig into them and share life lessons.

The 2nd one I'm going to read is Beyond Boundaries that teaches Learning to trust again in relationships, which I really want to be able to do since my trust was abused so badly in my marriage that I find it difficult to trust any man now.

The 3rd one I came across on the website and was intrigued and curious about the title that I got it too. Its called "Its not my Fault" also by Cloud & Townsend. On the front cover the tag line says " Who's to blame? People, Circumstance, or DNA?" and then below it says "The no excuse plan to put you in Charge of your Life"

I already started to read the first part and am hooked to it, the introduction talks about a lady and her life style before learning about boundaries and it is pretty much my life from the time she wakes up to the time she puts her head on her pillow she is doing things for the whole family and friends and work. She is throughout the day regretting promises shes made and wondering how she is going to make it all happen. That's me to a tee!!! Yikes!!!

I recently joined counseling for women who have experienced some form of domestic abuse and my counselor was the one who suggested the Boundaries book originally after letting me know that she became a born again christian at 16. Which is awesome because I am not at a christian agency, but God put us together.

I will definitely be blogging more of my experiences along this journey back to health in my mind and body and soul.

Feel free to comment any advice or personal experiences