Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Decision Making

I attend a ladies group on Fridays we are currently reading the bible daily according to the schedule provided right in the bible. It also has a section that helps you understand what you read on the day.  As well it has an inspiration section and an application section. Just recently we were in Joshua 22, the inspiration had this very helpful information regarding what to do when faced with a decision to make either involving needing Moral and Godly wisdom or when you are wanting to make a decision about changing direction in your life. I liked it so much that I decided I would share it here.

10 Questions to consider when faced with a decision
The 1st five are generic they represent Moral and Godly Wisdom

The 2nd five are for when you are facing a change in direction
Reference: Joshua 22
  1.  Have you prayed?
  2. Is it consistent with the Word of God
  3. Can I do it and be a positive Christian         Witness
  4. Will the Lord be Glorified?  Am I seeking the glory of man or God
  5. Am I acting responsibly?
  6. Is it reasonable? God expects us to think
  7. Does a realistic opportunity exist? Closed doors are not meant to be knocked down.
  8. Are unbiased spiritually sensitive associates in agreement?
  9. Do I have a sanctified desire? The joy of    the Lord should be our strength.

  10. Do I have peace about it?