Sunday, July 7, 2013

Who's Getting Excited

Today I'm Excited that my 11 yr old Daughter is going to be Water Baptized and if this rain goes away and it dries up we will be able to celebrate at our Annual Church Picnic. She has grown up at New Song Church, it is our family not just a congregation.

 I have so much to be excited for in the next couple of months...

A baby is on the way number 4, although unexpected I have adjusted and my kids who are 11 Arrianna, 9 Keshaun, 7 Jerrell have made it easy to be excited. We are not sure if its a boy or girl but have picked names for which ever God has chosen to bless us with.

Samuel Isaac - which has an amazing whole other blog post to come...
 Samuel is a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning either "name of God" (שם האלוהים Shm Alohim) or "God has heard" (שמע אלוהים Shma Alohim). Samuel was the last of the ruling judges in the Old Testament. He anointed Saul to be the first king of Israel, and later anointed David.

Isaac (/ˈzək/;[1] Hebrew: יִצְחָק, Modern Yitskhak Tiberian Yiṣḥāq, ISO 259-3 Yiçḥaq, "he will laugh"; Yiddish: יצחק, Yitskhok; Greek: Ἰσαάκ Isaak; Latin: Isaac; Arabic: إسحاق‎ or إسحٰق[a] ʼIsḥāq) as described in the Hebrew Bible and the Qur'an, was the only son Abraham had with his wife Sarah, and was the father of Jacob and Esau. Isaac was one of the three patriarchs of the Israelites. According to the Book of Genesis, Abraham was 100 years old when Isaac was born, and Sarah was beyond childbearing years.
Isaac was the only biblical patriarch whose name was not changed, and the only one who did not leave Canaan. Compared to those of Abraham and Jacob, Isaac's story relates fewer incidents of his life. He died when he was 180 years old, making him the longest-lived patriarch.

Ava Renee - which was daddies choice from the start of this adventure.
 Ava is also a feminine given name name in Persian, meaning a "pleasant sound", mostly associated with musical sounds; e.g. "Ava -ye moosighi" meaning "the sound of music.
The meaning of the name Renee is Reborn
The origin of the name Renee is French

Both names are beautiful to me!!!!

Last but not least at all Blissdom Canada 2013 is coming soon and the twitter and Facebook notifications are coming in, its so fun getting to know everyone online and then being excited to meet up IRL at #BlissDomCA
I have been for 3 years and really don't think I would miss it ever again. I don't blog as often as I like, but I do tweet and join in the fun of twitter parties. My favorite part of Blissdom honestly is talking with other bloggers and being inspired and secondly I love mingling with the brands and learning about products and I would be lying if I didn't say myself and the kids love the awesome SWAG we bring home.

So I end here for now and stay tuned for an announcement welcoming either Ava or Samuel!!!


  1. I love the. Names chosen, my fav is Isaac and Ava. May I suggest Joshua. I look forward to the arrival. We are enjoying. Shopping for the wee one too.
    I am proud of Arrianna for making this big step. She comes by the preaching nnaturally.

  2. keshaun has joshua already in his name already thank you for