Thursday, October 17, 2013

A walk down memory lane into 1983

On October 15, 2013 I was invited to join my BFF Momsmusings at Black Creek Pioneer Village, to Celebrate the 30th Birthday For my childhood favourite doll Cabbage Patch Kids. I still remember receiving my 1st Cabbage Patch when I was 5 years old. I called my mom to ask her if she has a funny memory story about lining up at Toys R Us or joining the newspaper style Ebay. She told me that being a young mom petite in height she looked like she was buying the doll for herself so she went with it and had no problem getting a Cabbage Patch for me.
Thanks Mom for the great skin we age well.

Ruth and I left KW at 730 am to arrive in Toronto at 915 am, when we arrived we were greeted with a wagon ride to through the pioneer village to the town hall area where we enjoyed snacks and beverages. 

Faith Momsmusings almost 6 year                                                      old loved the wagon ride.

Hope is Ruth's 8 year old she said to me that she loved the horses too!

 Arrianna was so excited when she opened her Cabbage Patch Kid and realized that her name on her Birth Certificate is also Arianna!!! Taking the oath after opening the birth certificate was always my favorite part. To me now its like bonding with a new baby!

The Face Painting was a great way to keep the Faith busy while waiting for the press conference to begin.

Harold Chizick

Cabbage Patch Kid’s 30th speech was delivered by Harold Chizick, he brought us down memory lane to 1983...

"1983 was a big year for media and pop culture. 
 Pay TV came to Canada and 
change how we consume content, the 
Toronto argos won the grey cup, Tootsie, 
ET and Ghandi were the big film award 
wnners, Micheal jackson’s thriller was #1 
and mash left TV and Return of the jedi 
hit theathers….that was big "

"Today we are thrilled to help kick-off 
the Make-A-Wish season of giving with 
a $5,000 cash donation as well a 
commitment for a season of partnership 
with toys and fund raising. "

I am excited to help share about the partnership and will be buying 2 preemie Cabbage Patch kids on November 16th 2013 for my boys who were both born at 36 weeks and were tiny little guys.
The month of November as well you can try to win your very own Cabbage Patch kids by going to the Chizcom Facebook Page
Also on November 16th I will be heading back to Toronto to one of their malls to Celebrate again special pricing treats and photo ops...

 "Saturday Nov 16 we will 
be hosting parties at 6-flagship toys r us 
location across the country. Vancouver, 
Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and two 
in the GTA; Vaughn Mills and Sherway 
Gardens. At these stores consumers will 
have the opportunity to celebrate by 
having their photo taken, receive a 
custom CPK Frame, mini doll loot bags, 
tasty treats and $5off coupons. On 
November 16th Toy R Us locations 
across the country will have special 
pricing on Cabbage Patch Kids product "

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