Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bliss 2013

I have been attending Blissdom Canada for 4 years this year.

The big question always asked is; What's your bliss?

The 1st year I really had no idea what that meant at all and struggled with many things. Such as my kids, my career accomplishments, and my friends. I was in a horrible marriage full of abuse and repetitive cheating on me. I was strong on the outside and had next to no self esteem on the inside.
I had just started my blog and had no idea what angle or avenue I was going to be taking with it. I liked the idea of reviewing things and giving my opinions on topics. My blog was my space to share whatever I wanted. Then I attended the full conference the second year and was confused when I sat in a session that talked about branding yourself and using your blog to make money was another topic but then what about emotional feely posts I didn't want to offend brands that were possibly going to give me things to review. So confused I spoke with ladies that had been blogging for years...

Momsmusings, Shasherslife, and Tara's View of the World just to mention a few. They had great insight and I was no longer confused and could begin to write more. I then became introduced to social media 101 got a twitter account @purplegal78  and fell in love with it. I definitely am a twit as my grandma would say.Of course next came linking my blog to a facebook page Family Tales Not Ties is what I came up with as a name.

This year was an awesome year I was definitely inspired, we were able to go Friday and Saturday only and I chose to sign up for only 2 round table discussions and 1 micro session. The 1st table was related to twitter and I learned many tips on how to choose who to follow and to see who is following me.  The 2nd table was about blogging mental health and sensitive issues. I work in the field of mental health and I'm always shocked at how many people are unaware of the different diagnosis and are really uneducated really about what mental health really is and how important it is. I recently had my own experience as well and have been trying to figure out how to share it with over sharing and under sharing.  I felt so alone because I never met anyone who had postpartum depression or postpartum psychosis (which is what I had) I explain the difference between the 2 by using the flu and cold analogy basically one is a delayed onset and one is very quick onset. I'll definitely be blogging with full details very soon, now that during the session I received some very helpful tips.
This year was different as well it had a very Canadian atmosphere and I really enjoyed the booths and the treats and connecting with sponsors. I'm very ADD and love socializing as well, so moving from booth to booth meeting people my extroverted personality thrives.
    • General Motors
    • PayPal
    • Freshbooks
    • The Loop
    • Kids & Co.
    • Marketwired
    • 19 Crimes
    • Unicef
    • Tetley
    • Microsoft
    • PureVia
    • Maple Leaf
    • Sunlight
    • Evenflo
    • Cottonelle
    • Hallmark
    • Wine Country Ontario
    • Publisher PS
    • MegaBloks
    • Purdy’s
    • McDonald’s
    • Philosophy
    • Collective Bias
    • Tim Hortons
    • Lentils
    • Cold Stone Creamery
    • Sleep Country
    • Rent Frock Repeat
The Delta Meadowvale Hotel also embraced Blissdom Canada, the staff was helpful and the signage was perfect to make our way around and not get lost was awesome. We also took time to enjoy the hot tub with powerful jets which was much needed after climbing the stairs of the waterslide 5 times.

Image of Delta Meadowvale Hotel & Conference Center, MississaugaImage of Delta Meadowvale Hotel & Conference Center, Mississauga

The pool is also salt water and nice temperature, definitely had a blast here on Friday night.

Can't wait for next year and I hope we are at Delta again I will plan to stay the entire week with my nanny and kids too !!!


  1. Great post. I'm going to tell Grandma you're still a twit. Looking forward to a visit and talking social media. (hugs) Your favourite aunt!