Monday, November 4, 2013

Looking Forward

In January My friend is going back to work and since I'm on Mat Leave with my precious #4 baby girl Ava I have decided to do home daycare again part time as well as return to work. This way I will still have benefits for me and the kids... (side note - which we need since my awesome ex (insert sarcasm here) quit his job.)

The master plan is that Kelly and I will hire a nanny to assist me in child care area so that if Kelly is at work and I have to leave the nanny will watch the kids till she is home and I will need her to watch my kids as well till I'm done work. I will only need to work my contract 26.5 hours a week which works out to more than enough income. Also I will use the child care receipt as a write off for taxes. Its really a win-win situation.

So as you already seen on my wish list the exersaucer that I really want from Evenflo 
ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Animal Planet

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Animal Planet

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Life in the Amazon

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Life in the Amazon

Either would be awesome to have since they both are the three stage Exersaucer. What would be ideal is EvevFlo sending me one to review for them. hint hint wink wink !!!

I'm even sending this little video to them in hopes to here back soon...

Digital memories are my new fav because they don't clutter your home!