Friday, December 20, 2013

Busy Babies Christmas Party

I really want to call this post "Why I Blog"

I Attend a group called Busy Babies put on by the Region of Waterloo Growing Healthy Together 

I really enjoy being a peer and a mentor if needed, I had my daughter while living at Marys Place a shelter for women and met some really great people while there. I have been so blessed this year and wanted to give back to my community. Shannon my PSW ( Pastor's Sassy Wife) told me she had extra bags from our Social Media Conference Blissdom. I shared with her how awesome it would be to stuff the bags and give them to the ladies in my group. Of course she agreed with me and immediately began to send emails to brands and some replied and sent coupons and vitamins and we were a bit discouraged and understood it was kind of last minute. So she put a Facebook post and I commented what it was like to be a single mom and not receive anything you didn't purchase yourself. Well bloggers from all over started to send funds and our bags turned out so awesome. I love being part of a blogging community and felt so cared for. 

A big Thank You goes out to EVERYONE who helped. stuff the bags at Shannon's Place on Tuesday night
Shasherslife's LR after stuffing bags

The ladies and I were so excited to shop from tables and receive an awesome treat, we had a blast shopping from the tables and hanging out. I asked permission to share photos on my blog. So here we are having a blast. And again thank you to everyone who participated in making this special day for us.

 Shopping for gifts

Cj comes with my friend Peju he is awesome and is so good with the babies.


We love our Bags 

Kelly introduces Shannon to the best made coffee ever!!!

About the Program

This Canada-wide program is for women and youth who want to have a healthy baby, but may be financially disadvantaged or socially isolated.
Come to:
  • learn about eating well for you and your baby
  • get tips on cooking and meal preparation
  • meet other women
  • share questions and concerns about your pregnancy
  • prepare for birth and your new baby
  • healthy snacks
  • free food vouchers
  • market dollars
  • free child care and bus tickets
  • support from health care professionals
  • breastfeeding support
  • information about community services