Thursday, October 23, 2014

struggles and frustration

Lately I have been noticing that our government has many programs for very poor ...
Let me explain first before I seem judgmental or uncaring.
I recently returned to work from Mat leave, I am a single mom of 4 now ages 1, 8, 10, 12

Recently I visited a playgroup I used to attend when I was on mat leave and I was talking with a few of the women that attend they were talking about daycare that they receive full time covered by the region for their children. They are both on Ontario works full time not working at all. When I looked into this I found that each spot costs $1300 a month approx. What is frustrating is these women aren't working and there are parents on wait lists who are paying out of pocket to work. I also am frustrated because these same people are living in rent geared to income, so that means they are not working receiving free childcare and free housing. What would encourage them to change anything about their situation.
I'm all for giving children social interaction and early intervention. There are places for this specifically that parents have to stay onsite for example the early years Centre, infant development as well has programs.
I would like to know how a working parent gets ahead when they are living paycheck to paycheck with no room for savings.
I recently heard about a program that is to help with rent, but when I looked into it I of course once again did not qualify.
I am hoping that by talking to politicians and making these issues public via social media sites that a change takes place.