Monday, June 1, 2015

Terrafit day 15 challenge

I joined a #terrafit team, and we are have daily challenges to complete.
Honestly the physical challenges are what I prefer. All day I have been agonizing over what to write and then it came to me...
Blog about it!!!
So here we go, a few months ago I joined #doterra #essential oils as a member, which gives me the oils at wholesale cost. I like them and have been getting  to know how to use them for myself and my kids.
Today's challenge: write down 5 positive things about your body and or fitness goals. Look in the mirror and pretend you have already accomplished the goals.
1. My eyes are awesome, I'm always asked if I have contacts.
2. I like my arms and legs
3. I have a nice shape.
4. I have good skin.
5. I like my butt.
My first fitness goal is to have stamina while doing exercise. Second I would like to lose my baby belly. I would like to be able to run distances.
I would like to really be confident and consistent with workouts.
I also was thinking of writinv a letter to myself like ...
Dear fat Cheryl
Remember when it was a normal thing to eat mcds at midnight, drink a pop daily especially during summer $ drink days. Remember when you and your bff would drive to waterloo just for battered mushrooms and apps because the regular place shut down. Remember when you couldn't do even just one sit up. And remember when your stomach stuck out past your boobs. Well I remember and I remember not being confident even though you faked it till you made it on the outside. I am happy that you did the hard work and put the effort into becoming healthy and conscientious of what goes in doesn't always come out.