Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paint Sensations

Last night I went with my BFF and a friend to paint sensations. While being honest I will admit I didn't think it was going to be my kinda thing... But sometimes You Have to be a good friend and try something new right. So with a great attitude and my outgoing self off I went.
During painting I felt empowered relaxed and focused all at different intervals. Definitely recommend going to anyone with a stressful job or job that is demmanding of your mind. We had apps (anyone who knows us well knows we love our apps)
You really don't need any painting ability, and remember you are your biggest critic.
The best part of my night really was Getting home and my 2 older children were just as excited for me, one even took a photo of me and told me he was going to post it to Instagram. My 13 yr old asked if she could hang it in her room. I felt so proud of myself at this moment.


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